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Offer to gas distribution companies and others with similar activity

ADA-SOFT offers a comprehensive solution for the management of activities – from the measuring device to the final number in the balance sheet, developed as a single project:

System for automated reporting and billing of the quantities of consumed gas, water, and electricity as well as control over consumer receivables up until the final accounting.


The system is developed for the purpose of the automation of the entire process in gas and water supply companies and other enterprises engaged in similar activities, such as the recording of measuring devices, uploading of recorded data by lots and gauges, preparation of invoices for the quantities received by consumers and/or the services performed as well as recording of payments.


The implementation of the system guarantees maximum precision in the measuring and recording of the consumed quantities and, accordingly, a quick billing. There is an option to generate statistics in accordance with the company's needs. When the system was implemented in a gas supply company in the town of Elin Pelin, Bulgaria, the ERP system Scipter (i) was also integrated and it is currently used for the successful management of this company. The same system can be adapted and used by other companies which distribute and record consumed quantities of water, electricity, etc.

The whole process goes through two stages:

First stage

Introducing the automated reading of measuring devices to clients and preparing the data for the automated uploading by the respective lots in the software part recording the relationships with the clients. For this purpose, we offer the module of automatic recording of household measuring devices of Price International EOOD (www.callflow.org). Through recording with infrared gauge, radio transmitter or a measuring device in place, we avoid the possibility of human mistake when data is entered manually. The entry of the data into the accounting system without the influence of the human factor guarantees exceptional precision of information.

In the first stage, the automated management system uses the following modules created by Price International EOOD:


- Interactive Voice Menu System (IVR) used for the received calls by clients: the system contains interactive voice menu for diverting of clients to the department they wish to speak to, for checking of the current account or the sum of all outstanding amounts;

- Data base for storing information for each client;

- Module "Statistics": allows the generation of reports and statistics concerning the monthly consumption of each subscriber or the overall consumption; reports and statistics about subscribers with outstanding obligations and other specific reports and statistics depending on the requirements of the client;

- Module for export of data with an option for automated introduction into an accounting programme, CRM or ERP system;

- Module for calculation of monthly bills based on the consumed quantities, automatic distribution of additional quantities among clients according to the shares or other criteria;

- Module of automatic entering of data from measuring devices into the data base;

- Administrative panel for management of the diverting to a technical support or information telephone;

- Administrative panel for entering of data about change of tariffs, prices and all specific indicators defined by the client into the data base.


Although the advantages of this stage are obvious, it is not obligatory for your work at the next stage. If the automatic recording and entering of data is not used, this can be done manually.


Second stage


Uploading of the data from the measuring devices in the accounts of every client, recording of consumed quantities (gas, water, electricity, etc.) by gauges and lots, issuing of invoices, control of receivables.


For this purpose, we offer PP Scipter (i), a product of UNICONS OOD.The system is based on SQL Server. It can work as an independent installation or in a network. The access can be regulated for each user according to the operations he/she is in charge of.


Counterparts and gauges are organized in separate groups: household/industrial consumers; towns/villages/areas, etc. The gauges are entered into the account/lot/file of each consumer (subscriber), written off or transferred to another subscriber. The data from the gauges can be entered automatically through a file prepared in advance or manually according to the applicable system of measuring. The difference between the initial and final state of the gauges comprises the consumed quantity which is to be invoiced.


The system operates with the following documents:

- entering, transfer and writing off of a gauge;

- posting of the data from measuring devices;

- invoicing of consumed quantities and/or performing services;

- a payment document for the clients.

Apart from these documents, the system allows the creation of other documents connected with special moments of the operations of each user.

The system allows the user to perform the following operations:

- adjustment of data using individual adjustment coefficient for each group of subscribers;

- support of different price lists for the consumed quantities for each group of subscribers;

- adjustment of already entered data;

- when entering the data there is an option for simultaneous entry of invoiced in advance quantity and data.


The entering of the data can be done both automatically and manually through importing from a file depending on the organization of the work.


On the basis of the entered data/indications about the consumed quantities, the system automatically generates the invoices of the subscribers which can be printed out in large numbers for groups of subscribers of individual ones. It is also possible to issue invoices in advance and compare the amounts paid with the received quantities as well as to issue invoices for services accompanying the main activity.


With the of recording the payments from subscribers, it is possible to receive information about the receivables at any moment.


In cases of default when the expiry date has been announced, interest is automatically accrued. If the cash register is connected to a computer, for the payments in cash, cash receipt notes are issued.


All activities related to sales, advance payments, payments from subscribers for received quantities and/or provided services and accrued interest are automatically transferred to the accounting system. At this stage, the system is able to prepare "VAT sales regisrers" independently.


The Reporting module of the system has a great number of functions. The currently available reports are related to issued invoices, unpaid invoices, payment report, quantities sold to each client, client groups, gauges, etc. The period is unlimited.


Apart from the mentioned above, many others can be created depending of the requirements of the particular client.


For more information or a demonstration of the system, contact us via phone or e-mail:


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