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bDocs - payment document software
/Monday, 08 June 2009 12:10/

bDocs bDocs is a software that enables you to prepare, store and print bank statements. It has been specially developed  to suit the  IBAN (International Bank Account Number) system introduced in Bulgaria.

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X-Manager- Warehouse software
/Monday, 08 June 2009 12:07/

X-Manager is designed to manage receivables, payables as well as tangible resources and foreign and local currency resources in respect of their stock. The product maintains information about the contractors and the enterprise sites, inventory and currency nomenclatures.

ule X-manager}

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Payroll and Personnel
/Monday, 08 March 2010 09:43/

TERES encompasses all functions of the automated processing of labour with work cards, attendance information, paid and unpaid absences, leaves during temporary work incapacity, final salary with the additional payments in accordance with the Labour Code and the Government Officials Law.

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Корона - програма за заплати
/Monday, 08 June 2009 12:08/

КОРОНА2 е предназначен за обработка на информацията свързана с формирането на работната заплата. В резултат на обработката се получават резултатни таблици за задълженията/вземанията между предприятието, персонала, ДОО и други организации.

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Fees - Processing of accounts for paid fees
/Monday, 08 June 2009 12:09/

The programme product Honorari(Fees) is aimed at entering and processing of accounts for paid fees in connection with non-standard employment relations/freelance employment.

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